Invest in bond CFDs with MultiBank offering access to a range of US, European, and Asian government bonds.

Bonds CFDs prices are affected by fluctuation in interest rates. Our Bond CFDs give you the ability to leverage small price movements because of the margins at play. With margin requirements as low as 1%, our instruments make investing in bonds a much more worthwhile strategy.

Trading bonds with our platforms works in the same fashion as with any of our other CFDs, namely by mirroring the price oscillations of bonds issued by businesses and governments on the market.

  • 01No Stamp Duty
  • 02Competitive commission
  • 03Low margin requirements
  • 04Lowest spreads in the market
  • 05Trade US, European and Japanese government bonds

View our Bonds CFDs spreads, contract sizes, margins and trading hours.


*All Bonds CFDs are available upon request

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