Scalping Policy

  • In order to ensure the stability of the MEX platforms and Products, Scalping strategies (we define "Scalping" as a method traders use where they open and close trades or enter opposite positions of the same product within 120 seconds, and these Scalping trades constitute more than 25% of total trades) and EA strategies (an "EA" is an "Expert Advisor", which is add-on software linked to a Meta Trader currency platform, and allows for automatic trades under certain conditions) are allowed on special accounts only.
  • In order to make Scalping/EA trading available clients have to submit a request and acknowledge that they will confirm in advance that they wish to use scalping/EA during account opening or before starting to implement such a strategy. In addition to the aforementioned conditions MEX reserves the right to reverse orders that are executed using abusive Scalping/EA methods on accounts that are not labeled as Scalping/EA accounts or where the necessary advance confirmation has not been given. MEX will pursue the fair treatment of its Customers and will use its best endeavors to make sure cancellations are performed fairly and that the client is not disadvantaged by the cancellation i.e. no inadvertent positions are left open and the client's net position is in line with the client's positions at the time of correction.
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