MultiBank allows you to trade equity CFDs provided by stock exchanges from the US, UK and EU. With margins as low as 5%, invest in the big leagues like Apple (AAPL.OQ) or find your niche in the global market with major players like Baidu Inc (BIDU.OQ).

Equity CFDs work in the same way as your normal CFDs, namely by mirroring the price oscillations of the primary share or stock on a listed stock exchange. Equity CFDs are probably the most popular of our CFD instruments. In a way, equity CFDs serve as a stepping stone for traders with previous experience in the stock market to jump into Contract For Difference Trading, and vice-versa.


  • 01Competitive commission
  • 02Low margin requirements
  • 03Tightest spreads in the market
  • 04Trade over 4300 international shares

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*All shares CFDs are available upon request

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