Terms and Conditions

  • The recommended bonus is valid from November 5, 2018 to March 31, 2019.
  • Recommended bonus does not apply to agents
  • Customers must open a new "MEX MT4" account and complete the deposit in order to receive a referral bonus.
  • Recommended bonus does not apply to MEX ECN account
  • Customers are required to meet the trading requirements listed in the table below within 90 days in order to be eligible for a referral bonus. If the customer fails to meet the corresponding transaction requirements within 90 days, the corresponding bonus can still be retained proportionally.
  • The bonus will be deducted before the transaction request is fulfilled.
  • CFD trading for CFDs is not counted as a standard lot trade.
  • If MEX GROUP does confirm that the customer abuses the activity rights through the AB warehouse hedging operation, or uses the internal transaction account to hedge, MEX GROUP has the right to treat the abnormal transaction and cancel the customer's bonus.

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