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Multibank is one of the pioneers in the FX technologies industry by launching one of the first Foreign Exchange Internet Trading Services, developing and owning all its software and trading systems. This is one of the reasons why MultiBank has been consistently recognized as one of the world’s fastest growing technology firms in the financial services industry.

We provide you with award winning technology solutions and trading tools empowering you to manage your business and trade with ease and full control.

Please contact one of our dedicated account managers for more information.


MAM & PAMM Accounts

  • The Multi Account Managers (MAM) software provides professional traders and asset managers with an user friendly interface
  • Manage several trading accounts simultaneously
  • Flexible platforms with a wide range of cutting edge technologies

Scalping Policy

  • Do you hold positions for short periods of time?
  • Looking to add up those small profits throughout the day?
  • Find out more about our scalping policy


  • MultiBank Group offers free Virtual Private Servers (VPS) to all its Customers through reliable third party hosting vendors.
  • Through the VPS you can run your trading terminals non-stop 24/7. Creating extremely stable and reliable trading conditions for all users, enabling them to trade remotely from any location.
  • Extremely high Data Rate Exchange between your VPS and main servers.

Expert Advisors

  • Your expert advisors (EA) can be integrated to any MultiBank Group MetaTrader 4 platforms without restrictions to perform automated trades and place orders at any time.
  • With our sophisticated trading environment, your EA can monitor everything from indicators, support and resistance levels, to multiple timeframes; and in turn maximize your gains.


  • API system is a one stop connection of experts to select liquidity solutions. Client will have all basic functionality to trade Forex and Spot Metals. MEX Group provides Meta Bridge solutions, FIX API solutions and socket based API solutions.