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Prime Brokerage Services and Clearing Exchange

MultiBank Group is proud to offer Prime Brokerage and Clearing solutions, offered in collaboration with MultiBank Group’s partner exchanges, top tier banks and ECNs.


The MultiBank Group Prime Broker Division offers real time, direct access to our liquidity sources, offering the tightest bank spreads and highest levels of bank market depth, while all Settlement will be done centrally with the MultiBank Group through its state of the art seamless clearing technology by setting off the net trading positions and PLs realized by our Customers with our Multiple liquidity provider Banks.


Through our unparalleled experience in the Prime Broker services field, we offer tailored solutions involving an exquisitely structured and complete yet simple package from clearing and credit line allocation systems to settlement and NOP limitations diverse across multiple financial instruments including, FX, CFDs, Shares and Options.


In addition, our Clients utilizing our Prime Brokerage Accounts are directly linked to the MultiBank Group Back Office system connected via API, Bridge or Gateway. The MultiBank Group Back office is a dynamic, robust application with single streamlined risk and credit management which aggregates all products under one transmitter, with tools necessary to manage trade and account data, generate reports and monitor risk.


MultiBank Group Prime advantages

  • The full ‘turnkey’ solution from A to Z
  • Integration using API, FIX, Web GUI, Mobile, MT4 bridge and gateway
  • Front, Middle and Back Office solutions including risk management monitoring and reporting
  • Unparalleled execution quality with a trade latency as low as 1 ms
  • The tightest spreads for FX, CFDs, Shares and Options
  • Access to the MultiBank Group deep pool of no ‘last look’ liquidity
  • Maximizing margin efficiency, tailored NOP Limit and Credit line allocation solutions
  • Access to 20 Top Tier Banks, 12 Exchanges and 6 ECNs via one single Prime Brokerage Agreement